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Our business model is based on the concentration of portfolios by joining in a single key,
with which we achieve the following benefits and advantages.

Important Cost Reduction

Service centre for administration and claims of the member brokerages. Elimination of expenses such as: Customer Ombudsman, Public Liability and Security Policy, LOPD, Money Laundering, etc.

Risk placement guarantee

Possibility to market many more products from different companies and encourage the increase of sales. Access to all insurance companies in the market, offering an integral service and all possible solutions.

Negotiation with insurance companies

Concentrating portfolios improves costs, service and product conditions. The size allows to face all the challenges, since our regulator wants mediators of important size.


Portfolio and general claims management

We offer expert advice, which results in time and effort savings of our clients. At the same time, we manage premium increases, policy supplements and present the most appropriate offers to the client’s current needs. Another advantage we provide is the internal management of claims. Optimal claims management is very important, as we assist the client during the claims process. We act as a liaison with the insurance company and we ensure that the client is treated fairly and appropriately during the process of the claim resolution. We create in the present, solid relationships with the insured.

To choose Options

We adapt to any needs with very positive solutions for all cases

To choose Options

We adapt to any needs with very positive solutions for all cases